About The Reader’s Company

At The Reader’s Company we guide novelists and screenwriters as they develop a strong first ten pages of their script or story. We don’t read the entire product until the first page, then the first ten pages are fully optimized.

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Many beginning and even some experienced scribes are challenged in this competitive writing environment. It is close to impossible for any literary work to stand out among the over 75,000 outlines, treatments, scripts and synopses registered each year at WGAw. It is critical that the first page draw the reader into the script or novel immediately. Unfortunately, beginning writers in all formats spend much of the first ten pages creating backstory rather than jumping into the action as late as possible.


Writing a script or story is all about engaging the reader, editor or story analyst on page one. When you achieve this you have now made your story theirs. Your work creates an invitation to participate. Nothing is produced until your invitation is accepted. Welcome to the fate of a speculative screenplay or novel.

Whether you’ve been a writer for years or are just getting started, we can guarantee, that with our expertise, your script will rise to a professional level as we guide you over that make-or-break hurdle of the first ten pages.

Let our experience help you make your material stand out.

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