Even More Testimonials

Stewart worked on a script that I have in development about my parents life. He spent a great deal of time prior to our meeting going over the piece, giving very detailed notes about formating and plot development.

He has a keen sense of what elements are needed to grab and maintain the readers attention from the opening page to the conclusion. His editing skills are very insightful. He offered his vast experience in a clear concise manor, with suggestions that were extremely helpful for improving the film. I would highly recommend Stewart for you next project.

- Robert Babish, Actor, Writer

Stewart, thank you for your excellent in depth notes and advice. I am sure it will help improve my screenplay.

- Serita Stevens, Published Author, Produced Screenwriter

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for reading the first 10 pages of my screenplay, The 5th Passenger, and for setting aside the time to talk to me about your notes.  You have given me invaluable insight into the format that readers today are expecting to see as well as some great tips on style and syntax. I feel you have set me on the right path towards a much more successful screenplay.

- Scott Baker, Screenwriter

Many thanks for the generous time you gave me and your many insightful and useful comments. If I were able to speak to someone considering which of many seminars to choose, this is what I would say to them: What if you could sit down in advance with the person whose reading of your script would make the difference between a green light or the trashcan? What might they suggest that would tip the scales in your favor?

Stewart Farquhar is such a person, but he is far beyond the average studio reader — he is an accomplished story analyst who can instantly identify the weak points that lead to that trashcan, and help you replace them with the professionalism and strength that can give you a chance at the green light. I am gratefully applying all the screenwriting principles Stewart shared with me, and really liking the results. Hope to see you again sometime, Stewart.

- Marianne Agnew, Screenwriter

I rarely meet people by chance who are as good at what they do as Stewart. A kindred spirit with a rare brain, working with Stewart was a pleasure and I hope to be able to do it again soon.

- Cameron Davis, Artist: DreamWorks Animation

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