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“Last night my head understood what you were telling me. When I woke the next morning my heart and soul understood. Everything you told me is so obviously right and good that I feel that I should have seen all that for myself. But that’s your great talent, Stewart. You don’t ‘re-write,’ you open up the writer to the ‘obvious’ — what can make her story jump off the page. I won’t have my re-write ready for my meetings in France, but I’ve already emailed one of my contacts there about my session with you, and what I am working on. I’ve decided to go with my second version — not the one that you read. The second is better because it starts with a series of scenes, as you suggested, and its pages aren’t as full of E.M.O.L.I.’s and ‘too much action in one big paragraph’, etc. What will take me the most time will be kicking out most of the flashbacks. I really like that handout you emailed, Syd Field’s “The Use of Flashbacks.” I learned something from each of those handouts, but what I learned that I’m most excited about using: the flash-present. I’m going to create a few of those. And so — THANK YOU! All the very best, Maestro!”

- Susan Flakes, Playwright, Screenwriter

“Stewart’s advice on the first ten pages is wonderful. It’s amazing what he knows about you as a writer from your first page alone. I highly recommend as a reader. He is very detailed and goes above and beyond the call of duty.”

- T. Joe Coddington, Screenwriter

“Stewart Farquhar pinpointed the areas of my script that needed work with amazing thoroughness and precision. I have never been taken through my script in that level of detail. I believe these notes will be eminently helpful in not only polishing the first ten pages, but the entirety of my screenplay.”

- Monica Surrena, Screenwriter, Director

“I am here in Paris, had dinner last night with the director who is interested in my FRANCOIS VILLON script. Unbelievably, the week before I left, I was able to re-write the entire script, guided enormously by your very clear notes. It now has no flashbacks, and punched-up narration. I had emailed the script to this director the day I left, he read it, and says now it’s ready. He listed one after another the producers that he plans to get it to. And I meet with a top independent producer today, who loved the old version. I’ll tell him about the new and IMPROVED one, and get it to him as well. ”

- Susan Flakes, Playwright, Screenwriter

“I enthusiastically recommend Stewart to anyone who wants their screenplay to make it past the reader. He has invaluable insight into what gives a script narrative drive. You can’t go wrong with Stewart when it comes to writing a screenplay. ”

- Mike Lopez, Screenwriter, Former LAPD officer

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