“Stewart Farquhar is a university unto himself. He showed me how to make my script more manageable. I learned more from him than in all the classes I had taken for the last two years! Not only did he help me with my script, but he showed me a template for my other scripts. Indeed, Stewart is a treasure.”

- Judith Smiley, Screenwriter

“Stewart is a blessing~ Thank you for initiating the contact! Stewart was delightful and charming in our meeting today. Adorable! He had thoroughly read and applied all of his “1st 10 pages” techniques to my work. Brilliant! He sent prep materials two days ahead. Wow! Exceptional! He was straightforward and honest and kind in his very candid review. Very professional! He knows how to get the point across without all the hooplah. Right on! Most of all, Stewart sounded like he cared. Amazing! (Who cares these days? I’m sold.) Hold on to him! Again, thank you so much!”

- Ward Edmondson, Actor, Screenwriter

“Stewart, who was so helpful, aided and polished my script. He cuts it down to the nitty gritty. He is amazing.”

- Christopher Lee, Screenwriter

“If anyone can save you from the rejected pile, Stewart can. He knows what Hollywood is looking for in a screenplay…and what it’s not. Stewart probably saved me, in advance, from years of wondering why my screenplay keeps getting rejected. I found Stewart’s critique of my first ten pages incredibly valuable. Trust me, spend a little money, save a whole lot of time. Consulting with Stewart on my first ten pages literally saved me months–perhaps more–of floundering around and finding my own way.”

- Andy Stern, Screenwriter

“… The Driver lost out because, according to our consensus, it needs a page one rewrite to come up to current Hollywood studio standards. Whereas Hunters is almost there. I have you to thank for helping me, or more accurately, pushing me to bring it up to those standards. I will forever be indebted to you for that.”

- Jack Holland, Actor, Producer

“Stewart has shown time and time again his dedication to creating a nurturing environment for screen writers by offering his expertise as a script analyst. His suggestions can change an average screenplay into an engrossing film.”

- Howard Benjamin, Managing Member 47 Men Productions

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