Tuesday, November 20th
University of California, Berkeley
Department of Film and Media

Why They Speed Date Then Toss Your Screenwriting Masterpiece

Many scripts fail within the first half of the first page or less. Others dig themselves a grave within the first ten pages. Either scenario causes the first level reader to lose interest and either drop it in the reject pile or skim through the rest of it. Both options spell disaster for your spec script and in many cases any further writing efforts on the writer’s part.

February 15-18th
GLAAM Regional Gathering

You Think You Wrote A Blockbuster Screenplay?

Does the market care about what you write?

Hollywood Judges You On Your Looks

There is an expectation that must be met when a reader picks up your script

Your Screenplay Gets One Chance To Impress

Looks, adherence to writing conventions and crisp execution are seen before story.

March 4th
Loyola Marymont University
LMU School of Film and Television

The First Page

The changing paradigm in the digital age
In this interactive presentation Stewart details why spec scripts get rejected in the first half of the first page.

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